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An Phat Plastic (AAA): Toyota Vietnam highly appreciates the improvement and innovation of An Phat at Hanoi Plastic Joint Stock Company

On April 4, 2019, President of Toyota Vietnam, Mr. Toru Kinoshita and other managements such as Finance Director, Purchasing Director … paid a working visit to Ha Noi Plastic Joint Stock Company (HPC), a member of An Phat Holdings.

Senior management representative of An Phat Holdings and all HPC’s BoD were attended and welcome Toyota Vietnam leaders. The visit and work of Toyota Vietnam’s delegates was a part of supporting program on management and production organization since 2018 for HPC. Under this program, HPC has carried out Dandori (quick mold installation) and Tei-Tei (arranging production on a continuous machine according to plastic type and keep rotating the same principles base on Toyota’s global production principles) to organize scientific production and reduce production costs to the level the shortest.

Currently, Toyota Vietnam is one of HPC’s largest customers.

At the meeting today, the representative of An Phat Holdings and HPC presented the improvements that HPC has applied under the program as well as achievements in production and organizational management.

Mr. Toru Kinoshita highly appreciated the efforts and innovation of all HPC employees. Mr. Kinoshita said that during this visit, he saw clearly the positive changes of HPC compared to 1 year ago, thanks to the spirit of changing and the serious investment of An Phat Holdings since officially owned HPC as a member company.

Representative of HPC, Chairman Bui Minh Hai committed to maintain and further improve to match with Toyota target so that 2 companies can speed up the localization strategy.
Toyota Vietnam and HPC have good cooperation during last decade
–  2010, the number of product was only 01 part.
– 2018, the number of product increased impressively to 30 parts.
– 2019, forecast numbers still continue to increase with strong intention from An Phat Holdings and plastic supporting industry

Certainly, with the new orientation of An Phat Holdings, Hanoi Plastic will have more achievements in meeting the increasing requirements of Toyota Vietnam in particular and other customers in general.

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