Plastic bags or paper bags?

People are looking forward to a more sustainable life in the future, which is the reason why eco-friendly products are being promoted widely.

In the past, we are used to taking plastic bag to carry daily common goods. But at present, paper bags completely made from wood starch have gradually appeared and replaced plastic bags in consumers’ behaviour. So, if paper packaging comes to the throne, will plastic bag market (whose price is rising everyday) have reduced its “heat”?

As we all know, if plastic bag plays an essential role in carrying lightweight goods over short distances, paper packaging including paper cartons, paper bags also has the same function. But not only that, they are also used to contain goods from one place to another in the long run without damaging the products.

However, in comparison with the high cost of paper bags, plastic bags are much cheaper and while paper packaging is quite bulky, plastic one is packed in the palm. Above all, the habit of using cheap plastic bags etched in our minds of each person so changing it is an extremely difficult thing. This has made the plastic bag market remain stable when paper bags is gradually coming to a throne.

A miracle appears named Biodegradable Bags

Thanks to the invention of biodegradable bags – the best solution for environment, the world is saved from pollution which all government as well as everyone care for. In a time of such tense situation, the advent of biodegradable plastic is a miracle.

Biodegradable plastic bags are made from organic material (corn starch, wheat flour) under the action of microorganisms, packaging will be transformed into simple organic substances, soluble or biodegradable into carbon dioxide and water which do not cause any pollution or any threats to environments. Manufacturers can release compostable bags to suit for policies and legislations’ requirement of many countries all over the world.

Not every producers can create exact types of bio-degradable products which are high-quality and can meet suppliers’ expectation as well as satisfy picky plastic industry leaders.

But it just happened a problem. Many countries in Asia refuse to use this kind of bags as its price is too high, approximately 3-5 times compared to normal kinds of plastic bags. It may take a long time for everyone be aware of biodegradable bags’ impact on our daily life.

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